Job Title: Order Fulfillment Specialist & Shipping Coordinator


  1. Order Processing and Fulfillment:
    • Receive and process customer orders accurately and efficiently.
    • Verify order details, including product selection, quantities, and shipping addresses.
    • Ensure timely fulfillment of orders to meet customer expectations.
  2. Supplier and Logistics Coordination:
    • Coordinate with suppliers and logistics partners to arrange product pickups and deliveries.
    • Communicate order specifications and shipping requirements to ensure smooth transportation of goods.
    • Resolve any issues or delays in the shipping process to minimize disruptions.
  3. Packaging and Shipping Preparation:
    • Prepare orders for shipping by selecting appropriate packaging materials and methods.
    • Pack items securely to prevent damage during transit, adhering to packaging standards and guidelines.
    • Label packages accurately with shipping labels and documentation.
  4. Shipping Record Management:
    • Maintain detailed records of shipped orders, including tracking information and delivery confirmations.
    • Monitor order status and track shipments to ensure on-time delivery.
    • Provide customers with updates on the status of their orders as needed.
  5. Returns and Exchanges Handling:
    • Process returns and exchanges according to company policies and procedures.
    • Inspect returned items for damage and determine appropriate actions for restocking or replacement.
    • Coordinate reverse logistics for returned products, including arranging pickups and processing refunds or exchanges.
  6. Shipping Cost Optimization:
    • Monitor shipping costs and identify opportunities to optimize shipping methods for cost-effectiveness.
    • Negotiate rates with shipping carriers and explore alternative shipping options to minimize expenses.
    • Implement strategies to reduce shipping-related expenses while maintaining service levels.


  • High school diploma or equivalent; additional education or certification in logistics or supply chain management is a plus.
  • Previous experience in order fulfillment, logistics coordination, or a related field preferred.
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities effectively.
  • Excellent attention to detail and accuracy in order processing and documentation.
  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Proficiency in using shipping software and logistics management systems to track shipments and manage inventory.
  • Effective communication skills to liaise with suppliers, logistics partners, and internal teams.
  • Only women below 25 years qualify. Your most recent full photo should be first on your application followed by cover letter, CV etc.


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