1/2/3Pcs Sumifun Tiger Balm Analgesic Cream Muscle Joints Pain Relief Ointment Arthritis Rheumatism Painkiller Medical Plaster


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Package: 1/2/3Pcs Cream(with box)

· Traditional Chinese herbal medicine formula, combined with acupoint therapy, dredges the meridians from inside to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, reduce swelling and pain.
· Safe and effective, it is suitable for children, adults and the elderly.
· It can be applied to the shoulders, neck, waist, legs, knees, etc., and can solve pain problems for whole body.
· Powerful & deep penetration,hit the source of pain,quickly relieve pains.
· Small and light,easy to carry,very convenient for travel.

– Net Weight: 20g
– Application: Body/neck/shoulder/waist/knee
– Ingredients: Natural herbal extracts,such as Wormwood, Safflower, Rhizome Corydalis,Trberculate Speranskia Herb, etc
– Suitable Crowd: People with discomfort caused by cervical spondylosis,frozen shoulder,waist pain,leg numbness,arthritis,joint pain, etc.
– Health Effect: Reduce swelling and pain,promote blood circulation,remove blood stasis,relax muscles and collaterals,dispel body cold and dampness.
– Shelf Life: 24 Months

⇒ Clean and dry the affected area before use.
⇒ Apply the cream to the affected area and evenly massage it to promote absorption.
⇒ 2-3 times a day.

· External supplies, do not let it into mouth or eyes.
· Pregnant, those with skin wounds, infections or ulcers, or open wounds are not allowed to use.
· Place the product in a place where children are not easy to contact.
· This product is a health product and cannot replace medicines or medical devices.

After-sales service:
1,Product packaging change
Due to the large volume of global sales, packaging changes frequently. However, we guarantee that the products sold are 100% original and genuine, so you can buy and use with confidence.
2,How long does it take to see results?
Because each person’s situation is different, so the effect will be different for each person. And need a certain recovery cycle, need to stick to the use, while combined with good habits.

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1Pcs without box, 2Pcs without box, 3Pcs without box




Pain Relief

Applicable People


Number of Pieces




Model Number


Brand Name



Mainland China

Item Name

Sumifun Pain Relief Cream

Net Weight



1/2/3Pcs Cream(with box)


Natural herbal,wormwood

Suitable Crowd


Function 1

Body Health Care

Function 2

Chinese herbal medicine

Function 3

Lumbar Muscle Strain

Function 4

Neck care,Back pain,Knee Joint Pain

Function 5

Cervical Spondylosis Treatment

Function 6

Sprains&Bruises,cervical pain

Function 7

Joints Muscle Soreness

Function 8

Deep Super Penetration

Function 9

Intant powerful Pain Relief

Function 10

Tiger Balm pain relief ointment

Feature 1

Ointment for back pain

Feature 2

Muscle pain cream and joints

Feature 3

Quickly relieve knee pain

Feature 4

Patch for treating muscle and joint pain

Feature 5

Relieve pain in the wrist, shoulder, neck, and lumbar spine


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