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[Main Ingredients]: Bee Venom Extract, Alishan Touca, Chamomile Essential Oil, Peppermint, Borneol, etc.

[Scope of application]: Palm moxibustion on the head, neck, shoulder body and joints.

[From]: Once applied to the sore area and then well covered with the hand, the palm of the hand should be close to the sore area (not rubbed), continue the heat effect, and wait for the heat to pass. You can drop it and finish.

It can be done 3-4 times a day

1. Skeletal system: cervical spondylosis; Lumbar muscle tension; Intervertebral disc disease; Frozen shoulder; Arthritis; Rheumatism; necrosis of the femoral head; Toothache; Stiff neck.

2. Nervous system: migraine, insomnia; Excessive stress; Sciatica; Neuropathic headache; Or other headaches (such as poor blood supply to the brain).

Third, the endocrine system. Tone the kidney and spleen.

4. Circulatory system: Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation; Increases the oxygen transport capacity of red cells

5. Digestive system: Cold stomach; Stomach ache; gas in the stomach; enteritis; Constipation.

6. Immune system: activates red and white blood cells; Activates lymph; Improves the body’s ability to resist disease.

7. Others: bruises; Sober; Refreshing (like controllers); Relieves fatigue and relieves stress.

Efficacy and effect: warm the meridian, strengthen the body and eliminate evil, dispel wind and pain, has therapeutic

Effects on chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, cervical spondylopathy, lumbar muscle strain,


[Note] Pregnant and children under 5 years old can not be used, and lactating women use less. External use only (includes instructions)
Package: 12ml / bottle
Shelftime: 3 years







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Bee venom oil for joint pain


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