12Pcs Sumifun Sciatica Pain Relief Patch Crotch Sticker Treat Piriformis Hip Pain Arthritis Muscle Soreness Orthopedic Health

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Item Name: Sumifun Sciatica Pain Relief Patch
Patch Size: 7*10cm
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Package: 12pcs=1bag

1. Relieve discomfort symptoms caused by sciatica, such as back thigh, posterolateral calf and foot pain, lumbar flexion, knee flexion, partial muscle paralysis, mild sensory impairment, etc.
2. Relieve secondary sciatica caused by lumbar disc herniation, lumbar osteoarthropathy, lumbosacral congenital deformity, sacroiliitis, etc.

1. Sumifun Pain Relief Patch, 100% High Quality & Authentic!
2. A professional orthopedic product with obvious effect on sciatica.
3. Natural herbal ingredients, safe enough to the whole family.
4. Super penetration, fast pain relief, sustained effect for whole day.
5. Breathable non-woven fabric, not easy to be allergic, enjoy a painless and comfortable treatment process.
6. It can also be used on joints of the whole body such as neck, shoulders, waist, back, knees and elbows.
7. Humanized packaging design, easy to store and carry.

How to use:
1. Clean and dry the skin of painful area before use.
2. Stick a patch to cover the painful area,press slightly to make it fit the skin completely.
3. Replace it once a day.

1. Don't use on damaged skin or wounds.
2. Pregnant,infants and skin allergies use with caution.
3. This product is a health care product,can't be used as a substitute of durg or device for treatment.


Additional information


12pc in 1 bag



Applicable People

For Everyone

Model Number


Brand Name



Mainland China

Item Name

Sumifun Sciatica pain relief patch

Patch Size



Pain relief plaster

Patch Material

Non-woven fabric

Suitable Crowd

Plaster for children/adult


Chinese herbal medicines



Feature 1

Sciatica pain herniated disc

Feature 2

Treatment of joint pain and sciatica

Feature 3

Piriformis muscle pain relief

Feature 4

Hip pain relief therapy

Feature 5

Bone pain herbal relief

Feature 6

Low back pain reliever

Feature 7

Sciatica pain relief massage tools

Feature 8

Chinese Medical plaster

Feature 9

Health care products


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