2024 Professional Manual Coffee Grinder Portable 5 Core 6 Core 7 Core Manual Coffee Grinder CNC Stainless Steel Mill Household


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The difference between 5-core, 6-core, and 7-core

Versatile pentagonal grinding core for more even hand brewed coffee,Hexagonal grinding core, suitable for frequent consumption of Italian coffee,Seven corner grinding core, with stronger control over fine powder and excellent flavor

Product details

1.SUS420 stainless steel grinding core, Sharp steel grinding core, Longer service life, CNC machining, For fine powder grinding efficiency to optimize cutter parameters to adjust the dimension, Grinding out powder efficiency faster, Bite bean efficiency improvement, grinding labor saving, Even if the grinding shallow baking degree of beans are easy and easy, Grinding feel good, Suitable for coarse to medium coarse, Medium, Fine powder
2. Aviation aluminum alloy body, Classic three-dimensional lattice pattern, Exquisite style, Non-slip easy to hold, Durable, Smooth and effortless grinding
3. External adjustment, Convenient and time-saving, Precise scale, Uniform grinding, Easily meet the different thickness requirements of various cooking
4. Double bearing design, Smooth grinding, Easy grinding, Uniform powder
5. Small machine warehouse large capacity, A time can grind about 20 G coffee beans, To meet 2-3 people coffee
6.Size: 17*5*16.5 cm

Product advantage

Our grinding core is precision CNC cutting molding, Sharp blade can quickly and evenly cut beans, Grinding labor saving and smooth, grinding time is short, low heat, Professional grinding machines on the market are made of CNC stainless steel grinding core, High grinding efficiency, Suitable for fine hand-made coffee, Italian coffee, French coffee, all-round

Cleaning and maintenance

1. When using for the first time, Grind a little coffee beans and throw them away to clean the core
2. Only roasted coffee beans can be added to the bean bin. No other materials can be added

Matters needing attention

1. The edge of the core is sharp, Please pay attention to avoid injury to the body
2. The product is a precision device, The inside of the fuselage can not be washed directly, And the grinding core needs to be cleaned by a grinding brush or air blowing
3. The disassembly and installation of the grinding machine requires professional operation, And it is not recommended to disassemble it by itself after purchase, So as to avoid falling parts that can not be installed back to the original

Four grinding convenience

You only need to open the lid and pour the coffee beans, Close the lid and select the fineness, Adjust the handle to the appropriate position, Turn the handle to grind


1.The size is purely manual measurement, If there is any error, Please receive the actual subject
2.If you are satisfied with our products and services, Please leave a positive feedback, I wish you a happy day!

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