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Features: Contains natural plant extracts, can be used to promote blood circulation, make the penis thicker, longer, stronger, improve sexual frigidity, prolong sex time, increase libido, get more orgasms, promote sexual harmony, and enjoy the pleasure of sex life , to help the penis enlarge and prolong the ejaculation time. *With him, no woman can't conquer the world*Effectively increases penis length and girth*Effective for 30 days*100% increase without rebound*Freer ejaculation control*Makes sex longer*Enhances penis hardness and makes erections last longer, harder

* Hard, sturdy and long lasting, giving men confidence and giving women a great satisfaction!


Type: Men's Dick Penis Enhancement Cream

Gender: Men/Male

Ingredients: pure natural plant extracts, no side effects, no numbness, safe and reliable, not to be taken.

Net content: 60ml

Packing weight: 90g

Packing size: 100*30*30mm

Instructions for use:

Wash or clean and keep clean and dry. Take 5-10 drops of this product on your hands, rub with your hands, apply and massage for 5-10 minutes to absorb, or you can directly take about 10 drops of this product and drop it directly into the kidneys, massage gently until absorbed, if you feel too oily , and dry it with a cloth or paper towel.

*For external use only

*Multiple treatments (2 courses) are recommended for better results.

*Performance and measurements may vary.

packing list:

1 set 100% penis enhancement cream

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African Cream




African Cream

Model Number

Africa grows

Brand Name



Mainland China

Number of Pieces

One Unit

Item Type

Pumps & Enlargers


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10 reviews for 60ml Strong man penis cream Big Penis Enlargement gel Enlarge Penis Grow Thicker Stronger Big dicks Penis Enlargement cream

  1. Ted Basye

    It’s been a long process, this is the fourth bottle I’ve used, 3 months of use, and I’m really surprised at the results. It works. After use, it is significantly larger and more durable. It is very mild and has no side effects.

  2. Liberatore Accordino

    At first, I thought it was not good, so I need to use it to prove it’s good. Now I use my results to recommend it to anyone who wants to use it, and you will get satisfactory results.

  3. Windy Milnes

    Let me express my feelings. I used to have a big body and a small penis. This essential oil is simply amazing! My penis also increased by 4cm and became thicker.

  4. Maariya Kramer

    This is the best product that i have found.It actually works great. There haven’t been any negative side effects at all. So far everything has been pleasant.

  5. Chae Jiang

    I bought this for my husband, but I see a lot of cheap essential oils, I get cheated several times, and my husband is a little better I couldn’t develop my interest because I didn’t lose, but I was hesitating and feeling very suspicious when I saw this expensive product. I finally decided to buy it, and now my husband has used up 8 boxes, our couple life is more than 30 minutes each time, and I have never had an experience like this, so I am so happy. He is also more confident and works better at work. Thank you to the seller. Let me introduce my friends (I think they also need this product).

  6. Derrick Sclafani

    This is exactly the product I want, the time is more lasting I feel

  7. Speranzio Bartolone

    I used it for about a month and now feel 10 years younger and longer

  8. Savannah Brotherton

    This product is really great, the 4th bottle has been used up, so far the measurement of my penis has grown by 4cm, now I am very sure, very happy, I am satisfied.

  9. Néo Lortie

    Thanks to the seller, the package will arrive soon. The product packaging is very good and I don’t have to worry about my privacy being leaked. This product made a big difference in me, I grew 3 inches. I’m very confident in my ability now.

  10. Ellie Julius

    Sure enough, it’s not wrong, the effect is so great, it’s really worth buying

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