60pcs Powerful Fat Burning and Cellulite Weight Loss Pills for a Lean Physique Product Detoxification Promotes Bowel Motility

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60pcs Powerful Fat Burning and Cellulite Weight Loss Pills for a Lean Physique Product Detoxification Promotes Bowel Motility

Powerful functions:

Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Burn fat mass and lose weight

Leave the annoying and worship the meat and butterfly arm

Hit the bucket waist and turn it into a small waist

Shake off the fat and restore the tight abdominal curve

Firming leg skin and returning to slim legs


Shelf life: 2 years.

Main ingredients: Coix seed, cassia seed, radish seed

Edible method and dosage: Take two capsules three times a day

Storage: Put it in cool dry place.


Must be at least 18 years old to use this product. Keep out of reach of children.


Follow the recommended dosage instructions carefully, as taking too much of the supplement can cause adverse effects.

Keep the tablets out of reach of children and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately if you experience any adverse reactions, such as allergic reactions, nausea, vomiting, or difficulty breathing.

Remember that supplements are not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise, and good sleep habits.

Absorb and burn, work together to make your body more perfect!


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1 bottle, 2 bottles, 3 bottles, 5 bottles, 10 bottles

Usage And Dosage

Take two capsules three times a day


Coix seed, cassia seed, radish seed

Product Specification

60 capsules/bottle



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Shelf Life

24 (months)





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10 reviews for 60pcs Powerful Fat Burning and Cellulite Weight Loss Pills for a Lean Physique Product Detoxification Promotes Bowel Motility

  1. Debbie Tanner

    I used this to lose weight and stop my night snacking . . . I like to snack later at night then I should . . . So I tried using the night time fat burner . . . So far this has helped me from not want to snack late at night and I have lost a few pounds!! I would recommend this product to anyone that is trying to get over late night cravings to wanting to lose a little weight . . . It really works!!

  2. Patty Balser

    This product has worked very well for me. Please note that all bodies are different. First of all, I ‘ve never had a surgical procedure unless giving birth to two children is considered one. Second, I run three days a week (20 minutes, 2,5 miles). I do a horrible diet though; I don’t eat a lot of vegetables and don’t drink the recommended amount of water. I take the recommended dose of the capsules every morning at the same time (8:00am). I’m a SAHM (for now) so on the days I don’t run, I’m super lazy. I hope my honest review will help answer all the questions. Good luck everyone!

  3. Shanda Gatling

    I have been using the products for a few weeks and have slept better at night. It helps Me control my appetite and by adding it to a healthy diet I have been able to lose a few kilos. I feel more energetic, which really helps Me move more and that will only help me on my weight loss journey.

  4. Niam Mullins

    Some supplements cause stomach pains, this did not. Slow working, but definitely recommend

  5. Starr Lheureux

    Stuffs good, works as intended.

  6. Miriam Perry

    Weight 3 kg less! After taking it for a week, I weigh 3lbs less and it really is more reliable than the ones I took before

  7. Shante Dezern

    I am using it to lose weight and it is working wonderfully

  8. Aliya Fernandez

    Losing 16 pounds of meat and pants is two sizes larger. I have lost weight without any adverse reactions, making it suitable for lazy people like me who don’t like sports to lose weight

  9. Alisa Watts

    Excellent service. Product works.

  10. Branda Goshorn


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