800G Coffee Grinder Machine Grain Herb Spices Mill Swing Type Grains Grinder Dry Food Grinder Medicine Wheat Mixer Spice Grinder


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800g Spice Grinder Herbal Coffee Grinder Machine Food Crusher Grinder Mill Wheat Flour Dry Food Grinder Electric Coffee Grinder

Features of Swing Type Mills

1. It has the advantages of beautiful Features of Swing Type Mills:
The new swing speed pulverizer adopts high speed singlephase motor as power, can quickly crushing all kinds of soft and hard materials, general medicine only half a minute can be crushed into 50-350 mesh, it crushes into 350 objective fineness only a minute, the pearl is crushed into flour only two minutes, both the uniform and non loss. The modern medicine is real (Pharmacy) indispensable tool instead of traditional medicine medicine, mortar, working efficiency is 50 times than that of manual medicine, by the user's favor and praise! Applicable to the clinic, hospital pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine processing of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine shop grinding, health care products sales counter Valet processing, Research Institute, laboratory analysis and household food (rice, beans, red dates, sesame etc.), spices (pepper, pepper) grinding, more adapted to pseudo ginseng, pearl and other processing they carry, also suitable for chemical industry and feed industry!
2. Powered by ultra-high-speed motor, the latest anti-lock blade, longer main blade, more thorough crushing, medicinal powder fineness (the highest medicinal powder fineness 50-300 mesh); crushing range: Panax notoginseng, mountain arrow, frankincense , Myrrh, Donkey Skin Gelatin, Do Silk, Hippocampus, Astragalus, etc. can be crushed well.
3. The grinding speed is fast. The grinding time of Chinese medicine is generally less than 3 minutes, and the crushing time is less than 3 seconds. The timing switch can set the grinding time. The grinding is completely automatic and the use is more convenient.
4. Clean and hygienic, remove dust during work, use food-grade silica gel sealing strips, no loss of crushed materials, crushing chamber uses food-grade stainless steel wire drawing process, the wall uses high-gloss polishing technology, smooth and easy to clean; crushed different drugs will never string Color and smell; the grinding groove and blade are made of stainless steel, and iron should be avoided in many Chinese herbal medicines.
5. The operation is simple, and the personnel do not need special training; the newest snap-button quick-opening cap without thread makes the cap more convenient!
6. Durable and cost-effective. The blade is made of Japanese special steel, high-grade razor is homogeneous, crush 100-200kg, no need to change tools.
7. The factory has newly added an air overload protector to protect the motor comprehensively, avoiding motor overload and burns.
8. the quick open cover swing type high speed grinder maximum capacity of 800grams.
Swing type high-speed herbs grinder principle:
Using general grinding high-speed rotating blades hit to achieve dry material comminution. It consists of the crushing chamber, the crushing blade, high-speed motor. The material directly into the crushing chamber, locking the crushing chamber cover, boot 1-3 minutes to complete crushing.


Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 1400W
Rated Speed: 34000 (r/min)
Capacity: 800
Working Time: 8 minutes
Interval: 5 minutes
Fineness: 70 – 300 mesh


1.Like using any motor-drive product, it may have some burning smelling comes from motor at the beginning , but don't worry, that's total normal situation because the new motor gets heating up varnish which coated on coils, it will goes away after few more times use. Thanks for your attetion.
2. Please allow 0~1 inch error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
3. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from the real object. Please take the real one as standard.

Package :

1 x Grinder
1 x Mesh Screen
1 x Switch Button
1 x Brush
1 x Cleaning Brush
3 x Blade
2 x Blade Head
6 x Cotton Pad
1 x Accessory Package
1 x Manual

when you need a 1000g/2000g grinder with a larger capacity, please click this link:


Additional information

Ships From

CHINA, Russian Federation, spain, CZECH REPUBLIC, SAUDI ARABIA



Plug Type


Power Source


Power (W)


Housing Material

Stainless Steel

Model Number





Blade Coffee Grinders

Brand Name



Mainland China


Coffee Grinder


Dry Food Grinder

Rated Voltage


Rated Speed

34000 (r/min)



Working Time

8 minutes


5 minutes


70 – 300 mesh

Function 3

Food crusher

Function 4

Grain crusher

Function 5

spices mill

Function 6

Powder crusher


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