Amla Marhaba Hair Oil Enriched With Vitamin E 100ml

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Amla (Indian Gooseberry, Amalakii, embliki)  extraordinary medical plants, which are the richest source of ascorbic acid and possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerating properties.

Amla fruit oil is widely used in modern cosmetology for the treatment of weakened and dull  hair. Biologically active elements that are part of the composition start the regeneration process and envelop each hair with a protective film against the action of free radicals.

Oil amly hair Marhaba restores the natural structure of curls and rejuvenates the scalp and has a powerful nutritional formula that: prevents the   appearance of split ends, removes fragility, dryness and lifeless hair, protects against the aggressive influence of the environment, promotes easy combing, softens and moisturizes the hair over the entire length,

It further makes the hair obedient, strong and silky;has a beneficial effect on the health of the hair, helps to eliminate dandruff, dryness and itching, saturates the roots of the hair with vitamins and useful ingredients, Reduces serious loss, revives “dormant” bulbs, increases the volume and flexibility of the hair and stimulates active hair growth



  • Brand: Amla
  • Vol: 100ml
  • Helps eliminate dandruff and itching
  • Reduces serious loss of hair revives domant bulbs


Amla Marhaba Hair Oil Enriched With Vitamin E 100ml


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