Best erections capsules,Male Enlargement Pills,Men’s Energizer, Size & Stamina,Enhance Endurance, Natural Oyster Pills

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Provide energy and men health

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60 capsules/bottle

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2 Years


Tongkat Ali Root Exteact


2 times a day, 2 capsules each time



Purely natural high-energy effect-Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali may indeed have an effect on testosterone levels in some men, specifically testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone associated with aspects such as sexual function, muscle mass, and bone density.







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2 times a day, 2 capsules each time


Tongkat Ali Root Exteact

Product Specification

60 pills/bottle



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Shelf Life

2 years





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60 reviews for Best erections capsules,Male Enlargement Pills,Men’s Energizer, Size & Stamina,Enhance Endurance, Natural Oyster Pills

  1. Chae Jiang

    After eating, I feel more energetic than before and the delivery is also very fast.

  2. Joseph Garreau

    After taking it for a while, what I can feel is a lot of energy, every day after work can be very energetic and wife to do things, every time to satisfy her, after finishing there is still energy, overall still recommended!

  3. Franchesca Schwebach

    I was very successful this time. After eating it, I was very involved and restless. I haven’t been so passionate for a long time after we got married. This time I finally felt the passion that we had just got married. I think she’ll appreciate it.

  4. Liberatore Accordino

    I’m getting older and my physical strength is diminishing rapidly. I’m out of breath even when climbing stairs, so I can’t help but ask for help from this supplement. Yes, at least I don’t sweat easily when I do intense exercise.

  5. Yuvraj Wolf

    This product help pe a lot. gave energy, power and extra strength. I am constriction worker and I need something to help me because my work is very difficult and I need extra power for my work out. I didn’t have any problem for example with allergies. hgw is my first product from this company and believe me I love it. I recommend this product.

  6. Ted Basye

    I arrived very quickly, I recommend the seller.
    I still don’t try it

  7. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    Brand that you can trust when it come to quality and strength.

  8. Klemens Totleben

    Received Tongkat Ali Complex Capsules Thanks. Took about a month to arrive. As shown on the label – this product is made in New Zealand. Hopefully that’s true because NZ is known for having very high food production standards. Just started taking these capsules, so hopefully they work as good as so many reviews say they do?! We’ll soon see !! : )

  9. Marlen Akhmetov

    Normal, works, I take 10 balls for the second time

  10. Ildefonso Sollami

    received today, don’t have idea about result, I will post again review after taking them one week

  11. Korey Wu

    A great shopping experience! Not only was the shipping fast, but I received the package quickly. And no product information is displayed on the outside of the package, which protects our privacy very well.

  12. Alisa Watts

    The product has been received. The seller delivered it quickly. The seller had a good service attitude and all my questions were answered. This capsule is effective. I have taken it and will repurchase it.

  13. Dieter Krist

    TONGKATALI usually have mixed reviews, because every user is a different age, with a different level of fitness, and a different diet. But you’ll notice that the reviews for this product are consistently high, and I’m adding mine to that list. I am over 50, fit, and maintain a (mostly) healthy diet. I have tried a few different enhancers and boosters over the last two years, and that gets to be some expensive experimentation. I have noticed that most (not all) had some type of positive effect. I noticed a slight increase in mood and energy, and a slight increase in libido. I’m hopeful that the results will increase a little more with even longer use. I’m a satisfied customer, and an ready to place my next order!

  14. Lorean Soni

    This stuff has increased my libido so much, I love it and my wife raves about it, but it’s worth noting that it takes a long time to see results from this pill, I took it for over 1 month before I saw any results, so please don’t be too hasty little fellas!

  15. Carla Poole

    I am very satisfied with my purchase from this store, the seller responds quickly, fast delivery, the important thing is that the goods are really high quality and original.

  16. Demarcus Mcmullen

    My private parts have always been short, both in adolescence and now. Although it does not affect my wife’s pregnancy, I am very concerned about it. I took it for five days and I did see it getting bigger, but as the blood receded it returned to its original shape and I had to keep taking it.

  17. Samirah Hood

    From the moment I started taking these capsules, I noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels. Now I no longer rely on external stimulation, I can now enjoy love at any time. Whether I’m at work or sleeping with her, I find myself more energized and motivated.

  18. Jaqueline Phipps

    Can’t really comments much about the product because, I have not used it yet. My full comments shall be documented when I starts using it and experience all that was said about the product. Thank you.

  19. Branda Goshorn

    It feels very good to use it, and it works very quickly after taking it. To be honest, it is the product I want to use up delay. The hardness effect is good, once can last to 30 minutes or so.

  20. Emma Carra

    I received the second bottle. The product of the plant extract often takes one or two months to disperse throughout your system, so this product really needs to be taken for a long time. I felt the difference after taking the first bottle, with some changes in endurance and energy, and if this is just a psychological effect, its effect is good enough for me, of course, I prefer it to be practical. Now I can’t do without him every day.

  21. Aamir Boyd

    Helps me perform better .. gives me energy .. keeps my mind sharp .. feel stronger

  22. Shante Dezern

    I have been using Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) to help me with my testosterone levels, since they have been clinically low, but also to help reduce my cortisol level, which is a testosterone antagonist. My testosterone levels have improved a lot, and I think his claims about increasing libido are correct and have improved my muscle mass. I would recommend this product without reservation, as I will also reorder it for continuous use.

  23. Takako Ream

    Well let’s see how to say that this brought me out of my slump and my drive is back energy is good

  24. Benoît Cortot

    I must say that the effect is really good. The desire is stronger now. It also took a lot longer to do it. The body is also replenished a lot. I have energy. Hehe, I plan to buy it after using it and continue using it.

  25. Marchelle Dowden

    It’s really great, I never thought it would work so well and the price is so right, I bought it without great expectations and the result is beyond my expectation, I hope you don’t underestimate it!

  26. Zoraida Swick

    During this time, my husband and I were finding it difficult to stay awake at night and spend energy enjoying each other’s company, I thought of many ways to improve it and came across this product by chance. After receiving the product, my husband took it after dinner and said that at first his heart was beating faster, but it was short-lived and by about ten o’clock at night we were happily enjoying each other’s company, so I want to give this product a good review!

  27. Shanda Gatling

    As a man in his 40 s who loves to maintain a life-active style, I need something to help me boost my test naturally. This definitely helped my workouts, my energy levels, weight loss and definition. I have ordered other brands but I feel this one works better. I just bought my second bottle. My last testosterone test was higher than when I was 30, which shows that it works. Highly recommended.

  28. Patty Balser

    Before utilizing the product, there wasn’t much going on yet, but within a few days, I noticed the difference and my girlfriend did too; she was shook by my performance. I’d recommend this to anyone, let’s not forget it does boost up your sexual arousal so be careful men for unwanted boners LOL

  29. Miriam Perry

    I love this product.I tried several kinds of pills before from AliExpress,but didn’t work that well for me.After trying this one I was feeling so energetic and had great bed work at night with my partner.Gonna order more.

  30. Major Woodrum

    My husband does not like taking vitamins but he does take these. The pills are smaller than some of the other ones he has taken. They do not have a flavor and are easy to swallow.And I found that he has been very strong in bed lately,Overall I would highly recommend these.

  31. Valtena Amodei

    I have just finished taking a whole jar for a month, in the first two days I have noticed a difference, I feel much less stressed and with a little more energy. Libido is super high, and also the wife noticed an increase in my production (if you know what I mean) eat a lot more! I definitely recommend it and will buy it again.

  32. Diedra Spath

    Thank you seller, the package has been received Let my husband try it. I’m very happy with the way it works, thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I will order again

  33. Reiko Jeanlouis

    taking to improve energy and libido. More energy improved workouts and confidence. Erections stronger and more frequent as well.

  34. Kawano Tanyu

    It’s also longer, which is incredible, and I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been!

  35. Cassey Odle

    I have been using this product for a few months and it has been a good stimulus.

  36. Gayla Tincher

    The aphrodisiac effect of Tongkat Ali tablets is great. It is very large and makes me feel very energetic. My girlfriend is surprised by the changes in me.

  37. Dastan Nurbolatev

    Great way to spice up the bedroom! Defiantly saw a change in my vigor (hornyness). Did not see any overall change in my energy levels though and these pills where hard for me to swallow at first due to the size and slight taste.

  38. Lakisha Mullenix

    Conditioning after the effect is long-term in, ate 2 months, bedtime is more and more powerful, hard when the top of the small tent is big, I’m very satisfied!

  39. Fernand Aveline

    What I liked about this product was the energy it gives you. You don’t eat half as much.

  40. Susann Masson

    I’m so happy with how I been feeling, I have never had this type of energy before. It has also made my digestive issues better. Which I wasn’t expecting. I wish I would have tried this sooner.

  41. Néo Lortie

    I ‘ve been around for a week and noticed an increase in energy and endurance when doing the exercises. I ‘ve also noticed a positive change in…. Well ….. reach your full size potential.

  42. Bonnie Montes

    Love it! I love maca! its crazy because I take my daily vitamins but you can never notice a diffrence with pills until I tried maca its the first pill that within the first week I felt the pills actually doing positive things to my body! I never had that in a suppliment or vitamin will continue to buy. I thought that what people has to say about it was fake and placebo but the hype is real, I recommend.

  43. Vladimiro De Angelo

    So far in the two weeks I have taken these supplements I have felt like my libido has improved. While at work I am feeling less fatigue, my energy levels have improved some. This is a nice boost to add to a multivitamin daily.

  44. Wendi Raver

    I am absolutely thrilled with the Tongkat Ali Extract ! This product has been a game-changer for my overall men’s health. With a potent 200 to 1 extract, each serving of 1020mg packs a powerful punch.

  45. Aliya Fernandez

    Thanks to this shopkeeper, he really didn’t cheat the customers, it’s as good as he said, I’ve been taking it for more than 1 month, at first there was no difference, but suddenly one day my wife said that I seem to have changed, and I reacted that I’ve really got bigger, and my wife got me bigger panties, so let’s take a look at them

  46. Andrea Xiong

    excellent, maca root has many benefits, including keeping skin from having breakouts and helping to manage hormone levels.Highly recommended product.

  47. Craig Piro

    I am energetic after taking this product with no negative side effects. I recommend all to try this product at least once and make your own decision. I will be a repeat customer.

  48. Gage Edmonds

    Since I started taking these pills for the last 2 weeks. My stamina and sexual desire is like I’m 19 again, I even finish more repetitions, while lifting weights in the gym now that I’m almost done with the bottle. I was the same person I was again before I took them. I guess it’s in my system now that I take 2 every morning for the last 30 days.

  49. Speranzio Bartolone

    I felt like I had more energy overall after about a week of taking this Maca product. I like that this is a very large bottle and it will last for a while. I also like that they use vegetarian capsules and it’s gelatinized for better absorption.You really don’t want to take it on an empty stomach. I had never heard of Maca before using this product, but it seems to live up to what it claims.

  50. Mammie Aguiniga

    After taking this for about a week, I noticed a difference in the way my body responded during foreplay with the wifey. I felt more ready and eager. After turning 40 I kinda been feeling a little less aroused sometimes, but now I feel better when that time of the night comes. It also helps me through my workouts.

  51. Enrique Lutz

    I started taking a few new supplements at a time, so I can’t say for sure what has done what, but I have more energy, concentration and drive (including the sex drive)…. I think this caused me some anxiety the first few days with only one in the morning. Has been good and now I take two without problems.

  52. Verline Cordon

    Helps increase my husband’s energy levels during the day and sleep better at night.

  53. Clarita Pursell

    Talk to your dr …. my husband wanted something to help increase clinical testosterone levels without having to have a prescription. He is able to maintain his levels where they have to be taking this as indicated every day. He’s been taking this for a couple of weeks, and we got it on the AliExpress

  54. Niam Mullins

    This product really worked for my high energy due to hormones. After I started my third bottle, I found it to be much bigger than before, and I am so happy

  55. Finn Junkermann

    I feel like I have more energy and hope it comes from the pills

  56. Alfonso Villapol

    Quality product at a good price. 60 rations per bottle, there’s nothing better. Works very well too, I could feel a difference right away.

  57. Lluciano Marcos

    I have used other products similar to this one. Overall, I am pleased and impressed with the results of this product. I would recommend this product to anyone in need of assistance in this department. Strong, hard and long lasting at the right times, plus easy to get multiple results after use.

  58. Fukumoto Shusake

    After the first month of taking them, they definitely worked! I am 37 years old and for some reason I have a super low sexual desire. I took two on Thursday and on Friday I had sex and it was amazing, I was super RRRRR wet and excited with little foreplay (excuse the language lol) my boyfriend ran so fast (which he never does) and he told me how great it was… I haven’t wanted sex for a long time now after 2 weeks taking this I want it more and it feels so good to know that I have my sexual desire back… However, each person is different, so it may not work for everyone, but it does.

  59. Armaan Ellison

    These give me lasting energy throughout the day. Good product.

  60. Renesmae Knapp

    I have struggled for years with my libido, the biggest factor than my antidepressants. I am in a new relationship and although intimacy is good, it could be better. I was very skeptical about this product but after a month of constantly taking it I started to get excited more easily and more often. I definitely recommend it

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