Breast Enlargement Essential Oil Chest Lift Firm Enhancer Serum Promote Breast Development Massage Breast Boobs Bigger Bust Care


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Breast Enlargement Essential Oil Frming Enhancement Breast Enlarge Chest Massage Breast Enlargement Body Care For Women

1. High-quality natural plant extracts breast essential oil for women. Useful and safe, it will let you be more confident and more attractive by enlarging your breast.
2. Give U Tight Plump Breast: Active breast's cells, wake up breast-grow, makes the breast firmer and more elastic, recover the sagging and deformation; Enhances blood circulation that can prevent the breast lump.
3. It can remove the muscle tension and tiredness and improve the blood circulation which can promote physical toxins expelling and prevent fat accumulation
4. Very effective Breast Enhancement Oil that will lift up your buttocks, tighten your skin, eradicate black lines and remove cellulite
5. The product so you will feel a slight heat after application indicating good absorption and effective penetration

The contrast effect is remarkable

▶Chest flat or asymmetrical
▶The chest is soft and dilated
▶Postpartum shrinkage prolapse


▶Use it twice a day, morning and night.Evenly applied on the chest,and massage in circular motions until absorbed . Recommendeddaily stick better.
●After bathing or warming witha towel, take about 10 dropsof essential oil (10 drops oneach side) and apply to doublebreasts.(avoid nipples)
●Acupoint massage is more condu-cive to the absorption of essentialoils.After finding the acupoints,press and hold the acupointsfor 5-8 seconds and graduallyrelease them,then release for 2-3seconds, repeat 5-10 times.
●Find the known acupuncturepoints, press the acupuncturepoints with the inner knuckles ofthe thumb, and press down. whilesilently counting for 5-10 seconds,then stay for 2-3 seconds, gradu-ally loosen,and press each acu-puncture point at least 5 times.
●Place the thumb on the breastside,close the other four fingers asone side, open the tiger's mouth.and push from the outside of thechest to prevent the chest fromexpanding, 30 strokes on eachside.
●Keep the same posture with yourhands.Starting from the left chest,push the left breast from the
outside to the center with the lefthand.At the same time, use theright hand to push the left breastup from below the left breast untilit reaches the clavicle (the samemethod for the right hand).
●The hands are in the shape of amask, the five fingers are slightlyapart to cover the breasts.and thehands are massaged in a circlearound the breasts and massagedto the top of the chest.


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Compound Essential Oil

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Mainland China

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3 Years

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Essential Oil

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Breast Enlargement Essential Oils


Breast Size Increase,Breast Firming,Soften Breast Skin,Maintain Breast Health, Increase Breast Elasticity, Improve Breast Flat, Flabby


Improve Sagging Postpartum Repair,Anti-Aging Firmness Skin Massage ,Promote Secondary Development,Collagen Supplement Breast Enlargement,Increase Breast Volume


Improve Female Curves, Prevent sagging Breasts,Make Breasts Grow Again,Increase Skin Elasticity Make Breasts Larger, Plump And Elastic Cell Regeneration


Safe, no addition,no hormone athering improves sagging

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Qualified, Professional


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