Breast Lifting Fast Cream Highly Effective and Organic 100% 120g

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– Breast Lifting Fast Cream make the saggy breast become lifted up, firm and tender.

– Feel it working instantly, a warmth sensation on the area will be felt and would mean the reaction effect is taking place.

– The product will still be working into your breast for 24 hours after application

– Contains multiple plant essences that can quickly penetrate and absorbs, nourishes, helps to improve dryness of the breast, rough, dull and other physical concerns.

– It helps improve breast skin curve and elasticity and not dry.

Applicable to:

– – Suitable to any skin type

– – Women whose breast figure were affected with dysplasia, postpartum atrophy, and after weight loss

Usage: After bathing in hot water every night, take appropriate amount of this product, evenly apply it to both breasts, massage breasts in a circular motion from outside to inside direction.


Thai Puerarin wildly Vit C, Specific breast lift gene, Rose essential Oil, Vegetal Protein.


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