Digital Automatic Auto Weight Powder Grain Spices Bean Coffee Tea Particle Filling Packaging Packing Machine


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Thank You For Choosing Our Company's Design And Manufacture Of Automatic Sub-Packaging Machine Series Products, This Series Of Products Has The Advantages Of Easy Operation, Stable And Durable, And High Efficiency, And Using It Will Provide You And Business Work With Great Convenience.

First, Use This Machine Safety Precautions

1, Check Whether There Is Material Accumulated At The Bottom Of The Sub-Packaging Machine Before Booting.

2, Place The Device Firmly Before Booting To Ensure Safe Use.

3, During The Operation Of The Machine, It Is Strictly Forbidden That Any Part Of The Body Is Close To Or Touch The Running Parts.

4, The Machine Is Strictly Forbidden To Switch The Operation Button Frequently When It Is Working Normally, And It Is Strictly Forbidden To Change The Parameters Frequently At Will (Please Contact Our Company Technicians For Any Parameters You Need To Adjust).

5, The Machine Is Strictly Forbidden To Reach Your Hands Or Tools Into The Sub-Packaging Device When Running.

6, It Is Strictly Forbidden To Run Super High Speed For A Long Time.

7, When Checking And Repairing The Control Circuit, It Is Strictly Forbidden To Work With Electricity, Be Sure To Cut Off The Power Supply.

8, It Is Strictly Forbidden To Modify The Motor Privately Before It Does Not Require The Consent Of The Company, And Do Not Use The Machine Under Conditions Other Than The Specified Environment.

Second, Product Features

1.This Machine Adopts Intelligent Computer Board Control To Make The Sub-Packaging More Precise And Fast, And The Sub-Packaging Process Achieves Automation.

2.The Parts Of The Contact Material Are Made Of Stainless Steel, Which Does Not Pollute The Material.

3.Double Shock-Absorbing Structure Makes The Machine Run Smoothly And Less Noise.

4.The Whole Machine Is Square And Compact In Structure, Does Not Take Up Space.

5.Small Power, Energy Saving, High Efficiency, Time Saving And Effort Saving.

6.Oblique Throwing Feed, Do Not Squeeze Damage Materials, Especially Suitable For The Sub-Packaging Of Fragile Materials.

Third, Product Use

This Machine Is Suitable For The Quantitative And Counting Sub-Packaging Of General Non-Sticky Solid Particles Of Tea, Whole Grains, Nuts, Snacks, Preserved Fruits, Hardware Components, Small Electronic Components, Chemical Medicines, Medicinal Powder, Flour, Etc.


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