Frozen Collagen Gluta 2 in 1 60 capsules Original For Glowing Skin Hair And Nails – Blue

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Frozen Collagen contains 100% pure collagen from loose & deep sea fish whosecontent is almost similar to collagen in the human body.

Frozen Collagen contains Pure Collagen + Glutathione + Vitamin C in 1 container.Usually Collagen alone can make skin whiter, clean specially when combined with Vitamin C, face and whole body to the fingers can be white glowing.

Benefits of Frozen Collagen:Whitens the skin, Make the skin clean and really glow.Gives nutrients to the skin so that the skin can produce new & Better quality cells.

Make hair longer and thicker.Gives nutrition to bones, joints & can cure bone & joint disease though.Strengthens Nails.Make the nipples color more pink.Eradicating acne. Eradicate scars.Fade acne scars, wounds, black & chronic spots.

Product details

The new collagen product for bright and healthy-looking skin. Frozen Collagen by Gluta Frozen is the revolution for clear skin with benefits of new collagen for natural radiant and pinkish-looking skin.

With the ultimate well-selected 12 extracts imported from Japan, the product can nourish skin to be bright, reduce melasmas, freckles, and dark spots on the body and on the face,




Nourish nails and hair to be stronger, prevent skin from deterioration, and protect skin from the sunlight for healthy-looking skin all the time.




Directions: Take 2 capsules before bed regularly. (The results vary in individual.) Content: 1 Pack = 60 Capsules


Key Features

Nourishes skin to be radiant

Reduces melasmas, freckles, and dark spots

Reduces acne

Nurtures nails and hair to be healthy

Promotes skin to be moisturized and smooth

Content = 1=60 capsules

What’s in the box

1X1 Frozen 100% Authentic Collagen 2in 60 Capsules


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