Ghost Bond Lace Wig Adhesive, Hair Glue – 38ml

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When it comes to finding the best hair bonding and wig glue, it’s important to use a cosmetic bonding solution that allows you to feel truly confident in any situation. Our GHOSTBOND Classic Adhesive is specially formulated to provide exceptional moisture protection and has a higher melting point than other hair adhesive products to ensure comfort and hold strength at all times!

Our GHOSTBOND Classic hair replacement adhesive creates a strong, invisible bond between scalp and hairpiece to reduce movement, while hiding the hairline and absorbing light for a natural appearance. Our cosmetic formula can be used for both poly and front lace hairpieces and is ideal for those with oily skin and scalp, heavy perspiration and those who live in high humidity climates!

Peace of mind when wearing a wig or toupee comes when you’re able to go about your day without worrying about your hair system moving or falling off. Our GHOSTBOND Classic bonding glue is waterproof and oil-resistance so that you can enjoy being in the moment, instead of being focused on your hair.

The weather is bright and shiny outside. What a great day for a stroll in the park! Just one thing is stopping you: excessive sweating. When your hairpiece starts to absorb all the perspiration, it becomes very uncomfortable to wear. You constantly worry about it falling off or the wind blowing it away. No matter how strong your adhesive promises to be, you still panic over ending up in an embarrassing situation.



  • Invisible bonding
  • Waterproof and oil resistant
  • Safe to use
  • Specially formulated
  • Strong hold


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