Hair Growth Oil Rosemary Essential Oil Anti-frizz Anti Hair Loss Hairs Smooth Serum Hairs Care Hairs Loss Treatments New Fashion

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Hair Growth Rosemary Essential Oil Anti-frizz Anti Hair Loss Hair Smooth Serum Hair Care Hair Loss Treatments New


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Nourishes and Volumes Hair: Oil for Hair Growth helps moisturize and soften hair, provide deep nourishment to hair, control sebum, maintain scalp health, enhance hair shine, hydrate dry hair, and reduce frizz, hair loss, and breakage.
EASY TO USE: Apply a small amount of Nourishing Oil to scalp and hair and massage with fingers for 2-3 minutes until absorbed. Use 1 or 2 times a day to keep your hair looking every day.
Nourishes and repairs damaged hair
Hair is designed to revitalize, strengthen, and stimulate hair follicles, providing deep nourishment to the hair, controlling sebum and maintaining a scalp.
Shelf life:3 years
Package Include:
1 * Hair Smooth Serum
Please Note: 
This product is an essence and the formula contains water, so it is in a liquid state, but please be assured that it will not affect the performance of the product.
If you have any skin discomfort, please stop using it.

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20ml, 50ml, 30ml, 10ml

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10ml 20ml 30ml 50ml

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Mainland China

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Hair & Scalp Treatment

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One Unit


Prevent hair loss


restore hair vitality


Serum Anti-loss Oil


repair damaged hair


Prevent Hair Thinning


Serum For Anti Hair Loss


Effectively prevent hair loss


deliver nutrients to hair roots


Hair Thinning Dry Frizzy Repair


Improve hair follicles and grow healthy hair


Scalp Dry Frizzy Treatment Strong Root Essential Oils


Repairs Hair Damage Restore Soft Hair Care


Ginger Hair Growth Essence Spray


Hair growth products


Fast Treatment Hair Dry Frizzy

10 reviews for Hair Growth Oil Rosemary Essential Oil Anti-frizz Anti Hair Loss Hairs Smooth Serum Hairs Care Hairs Loss Treatments New Fashion

  1. Maariya Kramer

    The feeling that such solutions are all from the same plant and the compositions seem to be the same everywhere, with onions, biotin and rosemary smell absolutely the same, they look absolutely the same, in terms of efficiency I cannot say that I have been using it for several days, the pipette is longer than a jar, it is impossible to twist on this.

  2. Patty Balser

    I like this product very much, thank you.

  3. Benoît Cortot

    Hair is growing bout to order more

  4. Aamir Boyd

    Bought to add to the shampoo. It is very strange that the oil has absolutely no smell of rosemary. I will try to look at the result

  5. Marchelle Dowden

    As described

  6. Ildefonso Sollami

    It’s a scam, it’s not essential oil.
    Is an aqueous base with a slight smell of rosemary oil.

  7. Armaan Ellison

    SCAM! FRAUD!! unbelievably not even the tiniest but of rosemary is in this product. ROSEMARY HAS A VERY DISTINCT SMELL THIS IS COMPLETELY UNSCENTED IT IS NOT ROSEMARY!! do not waste your money or your time with this product or this seller!

  8. Lisabeth Brennen

    horrible, if ur buying this then you might as well consider just buying water. the “oil” is so diluted with water that it doesn’t even feel like oil or leave residue like oil it’s just straight up water

  9. Renesmae Knapp

  10. Shanda Gatling

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