Hearing Aids For Deafness Elderly Bluetooth Digital Hearing Aid Rechargeable Sound Amplifier Smart Noise Reduction audifonos

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Bluetooth Hearing Aids for Deafness 16 Channels Digital Hearing Aid Wireless Audifonos Dropshipping
Rechargeable Hearing Aids with LED Power Capacity Display Invisible Mini Sound Amplifier for Adults Elderly

Suitable for all mobile phones.

Product Feature:

1.Intelligent hearing loss compensation algorithm ,quickly enter the auxiliary hearing mode.
2.Free switching between auxiliary hearing mode and bluetooth mode.
3.Soft and skin-friendly , comfortable to wear.
4.High-definition sound quality , multiple noise reduction noise avoidance.
5.Matching charging bin , immediately release and recharge cycle use.
6.New generation of bluetooth technology , lower power consumption , faster transmission , more stable connection.

Technical Specification:

1.This device is applicable to all mobile phones.
2.Capacity battery life:>10h

3.Bluetooth version:BT5.3
4.Maximum OSPL90:≤112dB+5dB
5.High frequency average OSPL90:100dB±5dB
6.Full sound gain (average high frequency):26dB±5dB
7.The frequency response range is not narrower than:300Hz~5000Hz
8.Product Size: 2cm*1.4cm*1.8cm,

Charging Box Size: 6.25cm*4.05cm*2.9cm

Question: Why is there a howling, whistling, or sharp sound?


Whistling occurs when the hearing aid and the ear canal are not completely matched. Sounds from the receiver are duplicated at the microphone and the sounds form a loop, which may be continuously amplified and result in a whistling noise. The folloring tips will help reduce the occurrence of feedback whistle:

1.Reduce the volume.Turn off or lower the volume before inserting the instrument in your ear.

2.Securely position the instrument into your ear.Once the hearing aid is properly seated in your ear,the whistling will generally stop.

3.Clear the ear canal of wax or debris.Check your ear with help.

4.Change the ear piece or tubing.Change a new one or a different size one.Make sure the tubing is not broken or torn.

Question:Why do my hearing aids have no sound?

1.Check the hearing aid is switched on – please raise the volume using the dial at the back of your hearing aids until you reach a volume level you’re comfortable with.

2.Charge the battery – please make sure to charge your hearing aids fully before continuing to use them.

3.Dirt or ear wax may block the eardome and/or wax guard – clean both of your ear domes with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel, If that doesn’t seem to help, please replace the wax guards.

In addition:

If you do not know how to use it or there is a problem with your hearing aid, please do not rush to leave a negative review and contact us. Thank you!

Best wishes!


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Hearing Aids F331

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Bluetooth Hearing aid

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Hearing Aids F331

Mini Wireless Hearing Aid


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