Hisense 266 Litres Double Door Refrigerator – Silver


  • 223 Litres Gross volume
  • Net Volume : 205L
  • No frost series
  • Surrounding cooling system
  • Led lighting
  • Elegant design
  • Recessed door handle


  • 223 litres nofrost refridgerator

    Strategically placed LED lighting brightens every corner of your refrigerator while reducing heat and energy output. Its space-saving design leaves more room for groceries.


    Provides consistent cold air distribution throughout each compartment maintaining ideal storing temperatures. Thanks to the even distribution of cold air achieved by the Hisense Multi Air Flow System, an optimum temperature is consistently maintained throughout your fridge freezer – keeping food chilled to perfection no matter where it is placed.



    Brighter and more efficient than standard incandescent fridge bulbs, LED lighting allows you to see the contents of your fridge more clearly, while also saving energy.


    Low Noise
    Enjoy a quieter home

    With a state-of-the-art fan and built-in compressor system, these refrigerators promise a more stable performance at a lower noise level of about 38 dB, leaving you with a peaceful living space. ;

    Decreased ambient noise\


    Moisture Fresh Crisper

    Perfect humidity, longer freshness

    A dedicated fruit and vegetable drawer with an adjustable moisture system, which you can manually regulate to meet the storage requirements of different foods, in order to keep them fresh longer.

    Perfect for meat and fish

    Longer lasting freshness

    Preserves nutritional value


    Super Freeze

    Get the most out of your food

    Super Freeze rapidly lowers the freezer temperature freezing your food much faster than usual. This preserves the food’s cellular integrity, retaining its natural taste, texture, and vitamins and minerals better than conventional freezing.

    Prevents thawing

    Preserves cellular integrity and freshness

    Retains texture of frozen foods



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