HK85 Smart Watch Bluetooth Call AMOLED Super HD Large Screen 466*466px


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      • 1. After receiving the watch, charge it in the correct magnetic direction for 2-3 hours, and then press the side control button for 5 seconds to open the watch.
      • 2. This product is an electronic test product, and the data is for reference only, not for medical use.
      • 3. For android users: Always grant the app access to all features of the phone, and it is always valid. Turn on your phone’s GPS before connecting.

      Functional diversity

      • Bluetooth phone, voice control, Rest always screen lit up bag, games, nfc, stress, breathing training test global calendar, clock unlock password, computer, lighthouse, custom markers, weather room, music control, control, steps, heart rate, sleep, sedentary lifestyle, mileage blood pressure, blood oxygen, search, calories, female menstrua1l cycle, exercise style Push and message.
      • 1.43 inches amoled HD round large screen, resolution up to 466 * 466, visual experience is larger and clearer, high sensitivity touch screen, mirror tempered glass, titanium alloy integrated body, strong wear, beautiful and generous.
      • Multiple menu styles. You can change the menu style based on your preferences. With a high performance processor, each menu interface will be very smooth.
      • The disk can be customized at will, and a large number of disks are constantly updated online to meet the diversified needs of users. You can also customize the surface of the smartwatch through this app.
      • Support data from more than 70 exchanges worldwide, including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, China, Korea, India, Vietnam, etc.
      • Clock support to view the world clock, you can view the time around the world anytime and anywhere, convenient and fast.
      • Hd call, call. You can answer and make calls through the clock.
      • amoled’s unique constant-light feature displays standby time and consumes less energy than regular TFT and IPS screens. Extend the waiting time.
      • 7 long life, one charge, long standby time.
      • PPG bio-monitoring optical sensors can measure body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and manage a woman’s menstrua1l cycle to see their health status with just one click.
      • The clock supports all-day sleep monitoring and allows deep and light sleep to be monitored and recorded at night.
      • Various exercise modes allow real-time monitoring of important data such as heart rate, distance, time and caloric expenditure for most exercises.
      • IP68 professional waterproof, waterproof swimming level, support swimming, accompany you to explore the underwater world.
      • Vibration reminder: After connecting the mobile phone, SMS push is supported, such as incoming call reminder, software message, SMS, etc., and you can see the SMS by raising your wrist.
      • Support for music control. You can control music playback on your phone through Bluetooth.


      • Screen: 1.43-inch amoled round screen
      • Pixels :466 by 466px
      • Operation mode: touch screen and full screen rotation key
      • Bluetooth version :5.2
      • : 128mb memory
      • Battery: 260mah
      • Charging mode: magnetic charging
      • Waterproof class :ip68 waterproof
      • Supported platform :Android 5.0 or later, Ios 9.0 or later
      • Working time: 7-10 days
      • Delivery time :40 days
      • View supported languages: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese (supports multiple language inserts)
      • Waterproof: Watch waterproof grade is ip68. It can be used when washing hands, but it is recommended to remove the watch when taking a bath. Deep soaking is not supported.
      • If the watch has unexpected water problems, please put the watch in a dry environment for 1-2 days, dry before use.

      Packing list:1 * smartwatch1 * Charging cable1 * Instructions for useimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


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