Lanbena Scar Removal & Stretch Marks


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  • Neo Hair Lotion Neo Hair Lotion Hair & Hair Treatment 120 ml. (1 bottle)
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    1. Herbal repairing
    2. LANBENA scar remove cream are formulate with herbal extract, which can reduce the surface tension of the scar and the synthesis of  collagen fibers;
    3. at the same time, it also can promote local circulation, improve tissue metabolism and nutrient supply, promote skin metabolism and absorption, change skins condition.
    4. Apparent effects can be seen in 1-3 months Scars and marks are significantly reduced after
    5. after use
    6. Just 3 steps to remove scars
    7. 1.Softening hyperplastic stratum corneum, smoothing the scars area
    8. 2.Promote new metabolism and remove pigmentation marks
    9. 3.Bridging repair, promoting absorption and improve skin surface condition
    10. Product name: LANBENA Scar Remove Cream
    11. Specifications: 40 grams
    12. Effects: It can smooth, soften & improve the the appearance of scars associated with skin trauma, surgery, wounds, and burns, fade scar, remover stretch marks, pockmark repair. Ingredients: Water/aqua, Tripeptide-1 Copper, Nine Peptide-1, Tripeptide-3, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, Menthol Lactate, Borneol, Purslane Extract, Fucose, Arbutin Skin Types: Applicable to skin with scar and pimple Shelf Life: 3 years


    1. 1. This product is used for the surface of the skin that is completely healed.
    2. 2. For those who are allergic to skin, it is recommended to do sensitive test on the back of the ear before use.
    3. 3. If there is any abnormality such as rash, redness, itching or allergies during use and after use, please stop using it immediately. It is recommended to seek medical advice immediately.
    4. How to use: After chean up, apply the cream to the scar area, 2-3 times a day


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