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Mini Hearing Aids Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid Wireless Ear Aids Dropshipping

Intelligent Noise Reduction Sound Amplifier for Deafness Elderly to Severe Hearing Loss .


1. 【Comfortable to Wear】:suitable for various ear shapes, Suitable for long time wearing without discomfort.

2. Slightly Waterproof & Intelligent Noise Reduction】: Digital signal processor can intelligently reduce noise, which makes the sound more real and soft.

3. Ear Canal Hearing Aids: High-performance hearing amplifier and is universal for both left and right ears,For people with Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss.

4. Volume Adjustable & Rechargeable: Volume is adjusted by rotating button; compact rechargeable battery is built-in, Safe USB Charging,Charging Model 1607 for 1 hour lasts 30 hours,Portable charging case can charge your hearing aids whenever and wherever.

5. One-handed adjustment: The large knob adjusts the volume, the position is obvious, and it can be operated with one hand.Easy to operate for elderly.

6.100% AFTER-SALES-SERVICEWe provide 1 Year Warranty,If you have any questions, please contact us immediately, we will reply to all our customers and solve the problem you have met.

Product Parameter:

Size: 21.7x15x21.9mm
Working voltage: DC 3.7V +5%, -10%
Working current: ≤ 1.4mA
Frequency response: 300-5000 Hz
Equivalent Input Noise: ≤29dB, +3dB
Maximum Saturation Acoustic Output: ≤128dB, +3dB

Easy to carry. Fashion Design,The portable charging box has a power storage function,The compact charging box can be charged anytime, anywhere.

There are 3 colors to choose:white,black,Skin.

Package List:

There are many stock, you can place the order reassuring, will ship within 24 hours

Tips for buyers:

The cause of howling/noise:Whistling may occur if the hearing instrument is turned on,but not securely seated in your ear.this is normal.the whistling will stop once the device is properly seated in your ear.other caused include a blockage of wax.or damaged ear piece or tubing,or excessive volume.Please take appropriate measures to stop the whistling.

Ways to avoid howling/noise:

1. When the power is high (the amplified sound is large), howling is more likely to occur. Therefore, gradually increasing the volume from low can effectively avoid howling.

2. When the ear canal is completely sealed, there is no howling sound. Therefore, please use hearing aids after cleaning your ear canal, and test the earplugs from large to small to find the most suitable earplugs.

3. After the hearing aid enters the ear canal, it is recommended to push the hearing aid with your fingers and hold it for 1-2 seconds, and then release it to fully extend the earplug.

In addition:

If you do not know how to use it or there is a problem with your hearing aid, please do not rush to leave a negative review and contact us. Thank you!

Best wishes!


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