Other Clabane Organics Acne Bar – 125g

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Here is a look at what we blended together to create this amazing all natural bar. Willow bark extract; a natural anti acne, antioxidant, exfoliating ingredient. Witch-hazel extract; controls excess oil production and removes toxins in the

skin. Chamomile extract; nature’s gift for soothing irritated skin. It helps to calm painful pimples. This bar is transparent, reflecting its pure form, free of harmful chemicals. Use twice daily for effective results. Can use alone to prevent breakouts, or as an essential part of your acne treatment plan. The acne bar works perfectly with the Clabane black charcoal or turmeric

Konjac sponges for more enhanced results.

Key Features

Control acne breakouts

Reduce excess oil production

Exfoliate and remove dead skin and scars

Unblock pores

Soothe irritated skin


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