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My Story Is Below And How God Assigned Me This Vision.
My Name is Solomon Mpanga, With Very Humble Background as many of you have followed my life from way back. I am By Grace God a Graduate Nurse.
Lost both parents when I was young, left with two Young sisters Joan and Doreen 3 and 6 years respectively then and now 13 and 16 respectively. This gave me a whole huge impossible responsibility as their elder brother. Cutting the story short, we took Jesus as our own savior and have lived this life with Christ and seen him carry us through.
Through the generosity of many of you, I have managed to even go to school and graduate as a Nurse in Uganda my sisters too are accessing school lately, and we have where to reside, till when God has brought a vision to us, of blessing our home community with a simple medical center use my knowledge from college help my community back home.
Nursing Work Is such a great calling, unfortunately, it pays way low in Uganda than what would be paid, which discourages many, but because of the calling and the teaching in school we look at who we have served than what we earn.
My Mom (Nakanyike Hellen) and Dad (Sennoga Patrick) left some pieces of land in Mityana, Plot 2501, which the Court caveated at first because someone claimed they had bought it when my parents were alive, gladly later the court ruled that it should be given back to us, but gave us a condition to develop it to fit that standard of the town now Than I fasted for 14 days seeking for what God says about that land and later gave me This Medical Center Vision as the best to Put there, and that it’s why Himself God gave back this Land to Us. He Gave me the Name “Patrick And Hellen Medical Center” and the Rationale is to Honor my Parents who sweated to Buy this land when they had life, Gave me the Prase “Jesus Is Lord” Because Himself Wish his name to sound and be visible louder than only Our Jesus lead serves we shall give to all indiscriminately. Both the Facility name and The mentioned Phrase above are clearly also put on the plan i have attached on the end of this Text.
Now, Because I trust God in his word, I trust that through us all and yourself, we can hand in hand see this project up and serve his needing persons.
I have personally first given God my word and offer the best of my nursing knowledge to serve his people in this Facility when done, I appeal that you also get us some dollars so that together we can get this to those God intends to serve and bless.
You can as well get us any other items related to this project at any level. We shall be so grateful. We need up to $172000 to have the structure done.
Below is the Facebook Post I made about how far we have gone now.
#Patrick And #Hellen #MedicalCenter #Update
In the Honory of Our Lord Jesus, Patrick And Hellen Who sweated to acquire that piece of Land, and each one of you and us who have made us be who we are, I introduce to you….the Plan Below.
Hi Family, Earlier this Week I Received An Email about my input in the planning phase of the Patrick And Hellen Medical Center, (I only Told them to include the phrase “Jesus is Lord”). And Today Evening I Have been availed with the final Copies of the Proposed structural Plan of the Patrick And Hellen Medical Center, I have always been posting in words.
I have included the pictures of the Land which my Deceased Mom and Dad left, with the Surveys Earlier on, we got its actual measurements and these were 90ft by 51ft, unlike the ones we had as estimates.
This structure, but also equipment thereafter, I acknowledge are not a cheap thing, and it’s from that background, I request everyone who wishes my parent community to get the intended better quality but affordable health services to help us brainstorm, advise, assist, contribute and have this Golden dream come true.
Am also grateful to Let us know, amongst the willing parties is my current Boss and we honor him and the organization for fully funding the Planning session so that we didn’t have to hustle raising that money. We shall Need everyone’s submission, prayer, positive thoughts and support. As soon as we have gathered enough ideas, funds, and manpower, we shall kick off the phased program of realizing it.
This facility is expected to serve up to 39,000 People Annually, as per the setting of our Healthcare system in Uganda. The facility will offer Paid Subsidized Health Services but also allow Able Groups, individuals and Organizations to run and fund Charitable health access Programs. We would offer free services, but unfortunately, given the costs of running it, unless we got like Charity full funding we can’t afford, so with the goodwill of mainly adding our Humble Brick to this community we can afford to subsidize so to accommodate many who can’t afford quality Healthcare elsewhere.
The Facility Structure is not very big, it’s just twice our home in terms of Space, it has 4 Large rooms on the ground floor and Fours others on the First floor Total of 8 Large rooms. We are expected to partition those larger rooms into smaller rooms by wood boards to have the 14 rooms required to have by law for that Medical center level.
From the plan, it’s expected to cost a tune of up to an equivalent of $72,000 to complete. From the ideas of DHO (District Health Officer) Mityana District, he said. “Work on the Ground floor complete it, and set up first a Day Care Clinic, use part of its profits to fund the first floor overtime”. If we went by his words, $31000 would be needed to complete the first floor, open up and run.
We have made an exhaustive Long Document about this facility, God’s Ministry to the People of this community, background, Vision, Values, How and where the Idea Came from, expectations, etc etc, this we shall avail soon on a simple website proposed by my Boss himself. We have also rooted this project in several Scriptures and 100% Believing God and that his Name and glory will be Magnified and Served.
The Facility ownership will fully be under Myself, Doreen And Joan unless the need comes and we must ally with any partner mainly for funding.
In a meantime, if you have anything that can help and you don’t use it or are willing to sacrifice it for this cause but it’s physical kindly let me know as the current organization I work for may avail our means to get it for us here.
Also, two friends reached out on how to be part. For funds, we shall use Gofundme and other usual means say, but also Bank wire transfers directly to the Company account, till when the Medical center website is up and running which shall have a Donation Button to gather Financial Aid from All the willing well-wishers to contribute.
Any Ealry funds gotten so far will help in setting up means to have our voices heard by more people who may be willing to Stand with us, but also prepare the ground, set up the construction team/award a contractor and material purchase.
With those Many words, Allow me to thank you for your time, I hope you love it, give us a thought to get there, any contributions, promises, or physical items that you believe can help.
This is The Site as It Appears Now.
The Picture Was taken when we had taken the Planning authority to take measurements of the place and make an appropriate plan that the authority will approve.

Those two brick structures where the nwer buildings my parents had put on that land close to death.

Below Are the Different View in Pictures of the Medical Center Structure In Plan.

This is Me (Solomon Mpanga) at the Said land.

This is me With Joan and Doreen my Sisters at their school.

This is me and my Friend Moris Graduate Nurse, who is also ready to serve in that facility (Patrick And Hellen Medical Center, We are Fundraising For).

A Beacon of Hope: Building the Patrick And Hellen Medical Center
In a world that often challenges our faith, the story of Solomon Mpanga and his unwavering commitment to his family and community stands as a testament to the power of resilience, compassion, and the boundless grace of God. From humble beginnings to triumphant victories, Solomon’s journey has been marked by the guiding hand of divine providence and an unshakable faith that has illuminated even the darkest of paths.
Solomon Mpanga’s life story is one of tenacity, sacrifice, and an unbreakable spirit. Bereft of parents at a tender age, he found himself thrust into a role of profound responsibility as the sole guardian of his two younger sisters, Joan and Doreen. In the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Solomon turned to his faith in Christ, who became their steadfast companion and source of strength through every trial.
Through the generosity of kind-hearted souls who recognized his potential, Solomon embarked on an educational journey that transformed his life. He emerged as a Graduate Nurse, not simply to secure his own future, but to serve as a beacon of hope for his community. His sisters, once innocent children left orphaned, have blossomed into adolescents brimming with promise, thanks to the opportunities they’ve been blessed with.
As fate would have it, an unexpected gift from the heavens descended upon them in the form of a piece of land, a legacy left by their departed parents – Nakanyike Hellen and Sennoga Patrick. Their hard-earned investment now stood as a symbol of their enduring love and a platform for a vision that was divinely inspired.
Solomon’s faith was tested, but his steadfastness prevailed. After fasting and seeking guidance from God for 14 days, a revelation struck him like a bolt of lightning. He saw a medical center rising on that very land, a sanctuary of health, healing, and hope for a community in dire need. And so, the “Patrick And Hellen Medical Center” was born, a name that pays homage to his parents’ sacrifice and stands as a testament to their unwavering love.
This vision, radiant with purpose and faith, requires more than words to become reality. With an estimated cost of $272,000, this medical center embodies Solomon’s unyielding commitment to providing quality healthcare to those who have been neglected by society. The architectural plan stands as a blueprint for a haven that promises to serve up to 39,000 people annually, a testament to Solomon’s determination to alleviate suffering and uplift his community.
Solomon’s appeal is one of unity and shared purpose. Just as his parents’ legacy lives on through him, he envisions this medical center as a conduit for grace and compassion, where those who can afford care subsidize those who cannot. The facility will stand as a testament to the collective effort of individuals, organizations, and communities that come together to make a tangible difference in the lives of the less fortunate.
Today, Solomon Mpanga stands at the precipice of realizing his God-given dream, armed with a plan and a heart full of hope. Every brick laid, every corner polished, and every bed prepared will serve as an offering of love and a testament to the countless souls who believed in this vision. With your support, Solomon’s story will become a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path toward the Patrick And Hellen Medical Center.
In a world often clouded by uncertainty, Solomon’s journey stands as a radiant example of the remarkable heights humanity can achieve when driven by love, faith, and a commitment to service. Your contribution, be it financial, material, or even in the form of a heartfelt prayer, is an investment in the lives of those who yearn for a glimmer of hope. Together, we can make Solomon’s vision a reality, and in doing so, become instruments of God’s grace for those who need it most.
Join hands with us as we embark on this transformative journey. The Patrick And Hellen Medical Center isn’t just a building; it’s a testament to the extraordinary power of love, faith, and the incredible impact we can make when we stand united under a banner of compassion. Together, let us build a legacy that will resonate for generations to come, one that echoes the resounding truth: “Jesus is Lord,” and through us, His love shall shine forth, bringing healing and transformation to a community in need.

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