Permanently thickened penis with increased hardness, enhanced erection, and increased oil content. Erectile rooster


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With natural plant extracts, can be used to promote blood circulation, making penis thicker, longer and stronger, improving sex apathy and extending the time for sex Improve sexual desire, gain more orgasms and promote sexual harmony, enjoying the pleasure of sex life,helping penis enlargement and prolong ejaculation.
*With him, no woman can not conquer the world
*Effectively increase penis length and girth
*Continued for 30 days effective
*100% increase does not rebound after
*More freely ejaculation control
*Make sex more durable
*Enhanced hardness of the penis to make erections longer lasting, more rigid
*Hard, sturdy, long-lasting, so that men's confidence, giving women a great meet!

Use Instructions:
After bathing, dry the water, and drop 5-10 drops on the hand. Gently apply the oil evenly, avoiding glands and urethra, and massage from top to bottom until the oil disappears. If it is too greasy, dry it gently with a rag or paper towel. Continue for 2-10 minutes until the temperature rises slightly. Use daily to improve performance and improve results.


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