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SUPER GUIDE: Sales Tactics & Strategies

The Super Guide about Sales Tactics & Strategies is a complete guide on discussing the significance of developing a sales strategy, exploring some successful sales strategies, and providing guidance on how to steer clear of the sort of high-pressure sales strategies that might endanger existing customer relationships. We’ll also go through several tools that are meant to assist you in maximizing the effectiveness of your efforts.

Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. What Are Sales Tactics & Strategies?
    1. What Is A Sales Strategy?
    2. What Are Sales Tactics?
    3. Sales Tactics Vs Strategies
  3. Sales Strategy
    1. The Importance Of Sales Strategies
      1. Long-Term Growth
      2. Establishes Focus
      3. Target The Right Customers
      4. Maximizes Results
    2. Sales Strategy Examples
    3. Hubspot
      1. Hire The Right People According To Repeatable Evaluation Criteria
      2. Train The Sales Team
      3. Align Sales And Marketing
    4. Shopify
      1. Hire Great People, Not Necessarily Great Salespeople
      2. Treat Sales As A Science, Not An Art
      3. Build A Smart, Technological Foundation
      4. Maintain A High-Quality Pipeline By Eliminating Unqualified Leads
      5. Pain
      6. Power
      7. Money
      8. Process
      9. Timeline
  4. Types Of Sales Strategies
    1. Inbound Sales Strategy
      1. Inbound Sales Examples
        1. Blog Posts
        2. Organic Social Media Posts
        3. Paid Search
        4. E-Books
        5. Video
        6. Webinars And Podcasts
      2. Inbound Sales Techniques
        1. Define Your Buyer’s Journey
          1. Awareness
          2. Consideration
          3. Decision
        2. Develop A Sales Process That Supports The Buyer’s Journey
          1. Identify
          2. Connect
          3. Explore
          4. Advise
        3. Identify Your Ideal Buyer Persona
          1. Inbound Leads
          2. Inbound Companies
          3. Trigger Events
          4. Social Selling
          5. Common Connections
          6. Passive Buyers
        4. Lead With A Helpful, Customized Prospecting Message
        5. Craft Customized Questions To Uncover The Prospect’s Pain
        6. Give A Tailored Presentation
      3. Why Choose Inbound Over Outbound Sales?
    2. Outbound Sales Strategy
      1. Examples Of Outbound Sales
        1. Cold Calling
        2. Outbound Email
        3. Social Selling
      2. Outbound Sales Tactics
        1. Speak With Prospects Via Live Chat
        2. Start Social Selling
        3. Contact Existing Customers And Ask For Referrals
        4. Guest Star On A Podcast
        5. Use Webinars To Build Relationships
        6. Reach Out To Buyers That Visit Your Website
        7. Build An Outreach Plan (Using Your Crm Database)
        8. Segment And Tailor Personalized Emails
        9. Influencer Marketing And Shoutouts
        10. Cold Callings Aren’t Dead
        11. Cold Messaging On Dm / Social Media
        12. Cold Calling
        13. Outbound Email
        14. Social Selling
      3. Why Choose Outbound Over Inbound Sales?
      4. How To Build An Outbound Sales System?
    3. Inbound Vs Outbound
    4. Best Sales Strategies
      1. Set Specific Goals
      2. Analyzing Past Sales
      3. Increase Online Sales Through Social Media
      4. Become A Thought Leader
      5. Don’t Shy From Cold Calling
      6. Provide A Personalized, Clear End Result
      7. Start With Small Niche Markets
      8. Be Flexible In Your Sales Conversations
      9. Use Lead Scoring To Prioritize Your Prospects
      10. Connect With The Decision-Maker
      11. Make Your Sales Pitch Exciting
      12. Listen To What Your Prospects Are Telling You
      13. Give Your Undivided Attention To Sales Calls
      14. Negotiate For A Win-Win
      15. Follow Up Until You Get A Definitive Answer
      16. Highlight Risks And Opportunities
      17. Sell Yourself
      18. Develop The Right Mindset
      19. Be Helpful At The Core Of Your Sales Strategy
      20. Ask For Specific Referrals
      21. Give Focused Product Demos
      22. Reach Out To Sqls Within 24 Hours Of Signup
      23. Address Uncertainty When You See It
      24. Use The Pas Framework
      25. Problem
      26. Agitate
      27. Solution
      28. Create Urgency
        1. Limited Enrollment
        2. Upcoming Price Increases
        3. Custom Offers
      29. Sell More To Your Existing Customers
      30. Intelligently Use Free Trials
        1. Keep It Short
        2. Invest In Onboarding
      31. Employ Email Automation
      32. Differentiate Your Company From Your Competitors
      33. Be Willing To Adapt Your Offering
      34. Close Deals With Confidence
      35. Nurture Existing Accounts For Future Selling Opportunities
  5. How To Build A Sales Strategy?
    1. Develop Organizational Goals
    2. Develop S.M.A.R.T. Sales Goals
    3. Create A Customer Persona
    4. Evaluate The Different Types Of Sales Strategies
    5. Hire, Onboard, And Compensate Sales Team Members Adequately
    6. Develop A Clear Sales Process To Follow
    7. Build Your Sales Stack And Documentation
    8. Create A Plan To Generate Demand
    9. Measure Individual And Team Performance
    10. Track Sales Activities
  6. Keys To Developing A Successful Sales Strategy
    1. Build A Powerful Value Proposition In Your Messaging
    2. Create The Urgency To Change
    3. Tell A Compelling And Memorable Story
    4. Speak To The Customer Deciding Journey, Not Your Sales Process
    5. Don’t Rely On Buyer Personas In Your Sales Strategy
    6. Avoid The “Commodity Trap” In Your Sales Strategy
    7. Lead With Insights, Not Discovery Questions
    8. Align Sales And Marketing
    9. Tailor Your Sales Strategy For Customer Expansion
    10. Enable Ongoing Situational Training
  7. Sales Initiatives
    1. Refresh Your Buyer Personas Regularly
    2. Actively Align Sales And Marketing
    3. Use A Crm
    4. Listen To Your Prospects
    5. Invest In Sales Development And Team-Building
  8. B2b Sales Strategies
    1. What Are B2b Sales?
      1. Inside Sales Reps
      2. Outside Sales Reps
    2. Four Types Of B2b Selling
      1. Producers
      2. Resellers
      3. Government
      4. Institutions
    3. B2b Sales Process
    4. Why Is B2b Sales Hard?
      1. Price
      2. Market Size
      3. Purchasing Decision-Making Process
      4. Sales Process Speed
      5. Customer Service
    5. What Is A B2b Sales Strategy?
    6. Why Is B2b Sales Strategy Crucial?
      1. Increased B2b Buyer Skepticism
      2. Better Access To Reviews
      3. More Risk Awareness
    7. Best B2b Sales Strategies
      1. Remember Sales And Marketing Win Together
      2. Prepare Before You Approach Your Audience
      3. Create A Follow-Up Plan
      4. Develop A Lead-Nurturing Plan
      5. Leverage Account-Based Marketing
      6. Go Social
      7. Identify Opportunities For Repeat Business
      8. Ask For Referrals
      9. Focus On Sales Experience Throughout The Buyer’s Journey
      10. Set A Feedback Process For Lost Leads
    8. How Do You Develop A B2b Sales Strategy?
      1. Research And Define Your B2b Customers
      2. Analyze The Niche Market
      3. Craft Relevant And Compelling Usp
      4. Build A Customer Relationship Strategy
      5. Devise An Action Blueprint
      6. Deploy A Sales Target
  9. How To Improve Your Sales Strategy To Be Successful During A Recession
    1. Overcoming New Challenges
    2. Utilizing The Right Tools
    3. Evaluating Your New Ideal Customer Base
    4. Adapting Messages And Communication
    5. Maintaining Relationships Online
    6. Altering Sales Strategy
    7. Avoiding Common Mistakes
  10. Sales Tactics
    1. What Are Sales Tactics?
    2. The Importance Of Sales Tactics
  11. Sales Tactics That Work
    1. Be Persistent With Leads And Develop The Habit Of Following Up
    2. With Each Customer
    3. Solve Your Customers’ Problems
    4. Follow Through On Your Commitments
    5. Take Advantage Of Customer Referrals
    6. Actively Listen To What Customers Do And Don’t Say
    7. Use Polite Terms When You Discuss Competition
    8. Earn Your Referrals Before You Ask For Them
    9. Develop Relationships With Your Customers
    10. Identify Your Customers’ Needs And Meet Them
    11. Be Able To Distinguish A Lead From A Customer And Act Accordingly
    12. Solicit Targeted Leads
    13. Talk About Your Competition
    14. Learn To Uncover Each Customer’s Pain Points
    15. Master The Art Of Storytelling
    16. Use Your Crm Platform To Stay Updated And Accurate
    17. Rely On Quantitative Data
    18. Stand By Your Product Or Service And Offer Some Type Of Guarantee
    19. Find Prospects Who Want The Things You Have To Sell
    20. Develop Compelling Goals And An Actionable Plan
    21. Revisit Cold Leads When Appropriate
    22. Loop In Experts From Other Departments
    23. Earnestly Ask For Sales Tactics Feedback
    24. Show Customers Proof That Your Product Or Service Actually Works
    25. Maintain A Positive Mindset
  12. Sales Tactics To Use Over The Phone
    1. Speak Clearly
    2. Use Scripts
    3. Try Call Recording
  13. Direct Sales Tactics
    1. Mirror Your Buyer’s Behavior And Energy
    2. Treat Everyone With Respect
    3. Be Curious
  14. High-Pressure Sales Tactics To Avoid
  15. Incorporating Sales Tactics Into Business Plans
  16. Sales Tactics That Don’t Work Anymore
    1. Cold Calling
    2. Getting On A Plane To Start A Relationship
    3. Overselling The Product
    4. Treating Your Product Demonstration As The End-All, Be-All
    5. Telling, Not Asking
    6. Pushing Hard For A Borderline Deal
    7. Moving Too Quickly
    8. Ignoring The Prospect Relationship
    9. Thinking That Being On Social Media Is Enough
    10. Relying On Marketing To Generate All Your Leads
    11. Thinking You’re Too Good To Learn New Things
    12. Selling Alone
    13. Letting The Grind Wear You Down
    14. Forcing Every Prospect Through The Same Sales Process
    15. Hammering A Prospect With Too Many Calls And Emails
    16. Keeping The Competitive Edge To Yourself
  17. What Is A Sales Process?
    1. Why Do Sales Processes Matter?
    2. Sales Process Steps
      1. Prospect
      2. Connect And Qualify Leads
      3. Research The Company
      4. Give An Effective Pitch
      5. Handle Objections
      6. Close The Deal
      7. Nurture And Continue To Sell.
    3. Sales Process Examples
      1. Beyond Business Groups’ 7-Step Selling Process
      2. Ring Central’s 6-Step Sales Process
      3. Zendesk’s 5-Step Sales Process
    4. How To Improve Your Sales Process
      1. Analyze Your Current Sales Process
      2. Outline The Buyer’s Journey For Your Target Persona
      3. Define The Prospect Action That Moves Them To The Next Stage
      4. Define Exit Criteria For Each Step Of The Sales Process.
      5. Measure Your Sales Process Results
    5. How To Create A Sales Process
      1. Start At The End
      2. Bring All Stakeholders Aboard
      3. Outline The Sale Process Steps
      4. Map The Buyer’s Journey.
      5. Implement Changes, Test, And Measure
    6. Sales Process Flowchart
    7. Effective Sales Tactics To Close
      1. What Does It Mean, “Closing A Sale”?
      2. Effective Strategies For Closing A Sale
        1. Understand The Right Prospect Fit
        2. Don’t Give Up Too Early
        3. Build Rapport
        4. Create A Process For Objections Handling
        5. Don’t Forget To Ask For It!
  18. Conclusion

Read an excerpt from this Sales Tactics & Strategies Super Guide:

“Both a sales strategy and a sales approach are essential to your company’s success. Both are unique in their own right, yet share some characteristics that make them useful companions.  Additionally, each one of them wants the same thing, which is an increase in both company sales and their balance sheets.”

This is must-have knowledge for entrepreneurs and business model analysts and consultants. If you want to dominate business models this super guide was made especially for you.

Sales Tactics & Strategies Cover Sales Tactics & Strategies Content Sales Tactics & Strategies Content Sales Tactics & Strategies Covers


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