SPJ 270 Litres Double Door Fridge With Dispenser – Silver

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SPJ 270L Double Door Fridge With Dispenser – Silver 


The SPJ 270L Double Door Refrigerator with an optimised system design for a quieter life with low noise operation from your appliance. This product has a removable multiple-sealed door that can effectively isolate external heat and is also easy to clean. This product also has a multi-air flow system that distributes cold air evenly at each corner so that food quickly reaches the ideal storage temperature.



 Keep all your food and drinks fresh with the SPJ  270L Top Mount Freezer Double Door Refrigerator . This fridge has all the features necessary; bottom freezer, single Vegetable & Fruit Drawer, door pockets, Chill Compartment and many more modern features to give you the very best in refrigerators



 SPJ refrigerators have a stylish exterior and spacious interior with multiple compartments to store products. SPJ refrigerators are equipped with more efficient cooling systems that keep your food fresh for longer time. It keeps your items cool for 24 hours after picking without consuming energy. This is the best energy and eco-friendly refrigerator on the market


Family Refrigerator:

Its an integral part of your family’s day-to-day life. We rely on refrigerators as you move through the workweek or weekend; efficient or large-capacity refrigerators such as double door SPJ 270L Double Door Refrigerator  has the capacity to works with low voltages and can survive constant voltage fluctuations. Its mechanical control feature means that you can manually adjust the temperature settings to whichever suits your needs.


This SPJ refrigerator is also very easy to maintain. This is due to the anti-rust outer body and the inner body is made with galvanized metal. The multi-air cooling function of the SPJ  270L Two Door Refrigerator ensures freshness of consumables at all times. Upon purchase of the refrigerator unit, it comes packaged with a user manual  As the saying goes, Health is wealth; keep food items, fruits and vegetable fresh and crisp in this Refrigerator at all times. It has a cooling retention capacity of up to 48 hours. The bottom refrigerator door comes with bottle holder compartments and an egg tray. Its sleek silver design can blend in with any decor.



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