Teeth Whitening Mousse Dental Care Essence Remove Plaque Tooth Stain Gingival Repair Caries Prevention Oral Cleaning 30ml

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10 reviews for Teeth Whitening Mousse Dental Care Essence Remove Plaque Tooth Stain Gingival Repair Caries Prevention Oral Cleaning 30ml

  1. unknown

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  3. unknown

    It arrived in good condition. Tonight I will try it and we will see in 7 days if they see white. I will update with photos soon.

  4. unknown

    The front teeth are very yellow, and after one use, the yellow on the front teeth is wiped off. The effect is very obvious, as the buyer said, and one wipe will take effect

  5. unknown

    I have long heard of this toothpaste, and this is my first time buying it. Open it first and use it before commenting. Both in terms of appearance and connotation are good. The toothpaste is delicate, and the foam is also very dense. The best thing is the taste, which is very good. It has a delicate fragrance but is not irritating at all. If it’s easy to use, it will secure customers in the future

  6. unknown

    I have a lot of tooth stains on my teeth, fortunately my best friend recommended this product. The user experience is still very good! It can deeply clean teeth stains and dirt, without any irritation. It has a faint mint flavor, and even after using it, the mouth is fragrant

  7. unknown

    After using it for a while, the effect is quite good. The whitening effect is too obvious, and the decontamination ability is indeed quite good. Recently, I feel that the coffee brush is also quite clean, and I won’t say that many coffee stains cannot be brushed off. Overall, it’s pretty good

  8. unknown

    I have tried this and I have the most beautiful pearly white teeth

  9. unknown

    Mousse has received it. It has good quality, mild formula, rich foam, clean particles, go deep into the crevices between teeth, remove yellows and stains, whiten teeth, clean breath, effectively prevent cavities and protect gums, improve oral environment, and care for oral health.

  10. unknown

    Every day, I insist on using teeth that have become much whiter now. As expected, I get what I pay for. With so many teeth whitening products, this toothpaste has a much better effect than other types of soda powder and will be infinitely repurchased. Friends who want to whiten their teeth can really give it a try!

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