Tummy Trimmer 3in1 Equipment Chest Expander+Tummy Trimmer -Black

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Chest expander,Tummy Trimmer and H and Grip 3of the key gains of a good fitness workout can now be taken with you wherever you go.

With this 3 spring chest expander, fitness and power and so much more, can be taken anywhere you want and for as long as you want. Whether it’s the chest, the arms, the back or the abdomen, the chest expander can tackle them all and chisel them to Olympian perfection.
The handles are fitted with soft material so that you can use it comfortably and focus entirely on the workout. 6 Kgs of force on each spring will test every inch of your muscle.
The expander is light and portable – take this with you to work and work out when you’ve got a little time free.

This is also an ideal for the home as it’s compact and light. Tummy trimmer a small and effective device, the tummy trimmer is a fun and engaging way of slimming that brimming tummy of yours.

The trimmer also works your arms and legs, offering an around the body training session. This tummy trimmer is composed of a high-quality chrome spring and a single tube system that ensures your strenuous efforts to reduce the tummy won’t break the accessory apart.

Putting an emphasis on delivering quality products and the tummy trimmer is no different.
The greatest asset of the tummy trimmer is its ability to work the entire body, making a much recommended accessory for someone looking to give themselves a moderate workout.

If you haven’t got the time for the gym, there’s the tummy trimmer waiting to be used. All you’ve got to do is put it down on the floor, get yourself in place and pull away at the comfortable handles. Chrome spring feet pedals single tube system portable and light weight.



  • Tummy Trimmer,Chest Expander & Hand Gripper in One.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Springs.
  • Adjustable to different fitness levels.
  • Foot Pedal for rowing.
  • Portable Fitness Equipment.


3 in 1 Equipment consisting of Tummy Trimmer, Hand Gripper and Chest Expander


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