wanmi 5L spray type visible air fryers household transparent large capacity electric oven multi-function electric fryer 220V


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1,Spray steam    Lock tender and juicy to enhance the taste
2,360° visibility    The cooking process is clear at a glance
3,Intelligent touch control    Preset multiple menu
4,Turn over the reminder    Uniform baking colo
5,Wide-area temperature control    NTC precise temperature control
6,Infrared penetration     Oil-free quick frying does not pinch raw materials

External water tank
Steam spray humidification
It’s delicate to replenish water and lock it fresh
External humidification box, filled with pure water, can be automatically/manually humidified in dual mode

Equipped with 3D water mist spraying technology, juice can be quickly replenished

High-pressure water is sprayed in the frying basket at high speed from the special micropores of the nozzle, and the water mist is atomized alternately by cold and hot

Four-stage lock-in golden program

First stage( Rapid heating: high temperature hot air, rapid heating)

Sceond stage(Food expansion: the temperature field in the cavity gradually becomes uniform, and the food epidermis expands)
Third stage( Oil supply and moisture supplement: supplement the humidity of the cavity, slow down the water loss rate of food, and simultaneously supplement the internal moisture )
Fourth stage(Evenly moisten and color: keep the humidity of the cavity constant and color evenly )

Oil-free, low-fat fried, light food, willful eating

Let cooking go to it, the food is evenly colored, the outside is crispy and the inside is tender, and the low-oil light card is extravagant and has no worries about eating

IMD LCD panel microcomputer intelligent touch control

Sensitive touch is just a click, the time and temperature can be seen at a glance, and the temperature change can be detected in real time, so that novice cooks can get started quickly

8+DIY menu makes it easy to make all kinds of food

French fries  180℃ I 20min

Prawn   180℃ I 12min

Fish  180℃ I 18min

Chicken wing  
200℃ I 18min

Cake   150℃ I 18min
Potatoes  180℃ I 40min
Peanut  190℃ I 10min
Steak  180℃ I 11min

Intelligent flip reminder

Double-sided golden without burning troubles

Bake until the right time, flashing bright screen and “drip” sound to remind, baking color is uniform and consistent, to avoid scorching

Uniform heating without dead angle

Hot air replaces hot oil, forcing out the heat of food’s own grease, evenly circulating and penetrating, leaving only fragrant and crisp, not greasy

1400W high power

Cook evenly and fry delicious food soon

High-speed hot air turbine cycle heating

The food is evenly heated and tastes crisp, tender and smooth

Panoramic visual frying basket

Easy control of raw and cooked degree

The ripening process is clear at a glance, and it is not easy to scorch. It is fresh and tender, just observing the changes of food in a 360-degree panoramic view, adding cooking fun

Healthy and odorless

Food grade high borosilicate glass

High borosilicate glass liner, healthy and uncoated; The inner container is fully visible, so you don’t have to worry about food being burnt and caught

Golden proportional capacity

Party and enjoy the food together

Gold capacity, a necessary choice to meet the gathering time of a family’s appetite

Easy to clean without coating

Oil stains can be washed away without sticking

Grease is not easy to adhere, convenient to clean, and there is no trouble of paint falling after long-term use

304 stainless steel grill

Pure metal material without coating 

Clean, hygienic and easy to clean

Painted grill
Long-term use has the risk of paint falling off and is not easy to clean

Simple and exuding style
All are the focus of attention

External water tank
Quantitative zero aged water by adding water

02  Insulated handle
It’s not hot to take it out directly

03  Metal bottom plate
Wear-resistant and fast heat conduction

04 heat-removal system
Fast heat dissipation protection motor


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us, EU, UK, AU



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Mainland China

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Top heating

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Spray visible air fryer



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Spray visible air fryer

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[Spray visible air frying pan] 2023 new white



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Touch based

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