XIAOMI MIJIA Air Fryer 4.5L Multifunctional Household Low Oil And Light Fat Fryer Intelligent NTC Precise Temperature Control

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XIAOMI MIJIA Intelligent Air Fryer [4.5L]

Circular air duct design, cooking without turning.

Air Frying | Grilling | Baking | Thawing | Fermentation.

360° ring-shaped hot air speed frying, uniform crisp not greasy.

The circulating hot air penetrates comprehensively, the heat reaches the center of the food,

locks in the internal moisture and forces out the grease, the taste is crispy and not greasy, which helps healthy eating.Upgraded three-dimensional cyclone fryer basket, no need to turn the surface can be evenly delicious.

Ring duct design, with three-dimensional cyclone fryer basket, hot air directly to the bottom, uniform baking taste crispy.40-200 ℃ wide range of temperature control, to meet the needs of a variety of frying and baking.

40-200 ℃ wide range of temperature control,

8 hours long cooking, can be high temperature baking and low temperature fermentation.1200W light wave tube, heating up faster.

Light-wave tube heating, the same energy consumption,

the overall heating efficiency is higher, faster heat transfer, faster cooking.1200W light wave tube VS 1500W stainless steel heat pipe.

Heating efficiency comparison graph.NTC electronic temperature control.

Built-in NTC intelligent temperature control technology, baking process precise temperature control,

no longer afraid of temperature control is not accurate and the outside of the scorched, uncooked phenomenon inside.

Preset a variety of recipes, intelligent touch screen one-touch cooking.

Pre-set many kinds of recipes, you can also choose to customize, DIY more exclusive delicious.Mi Home App Mobile control, a large number of recipes.

50+ smart recipes, including kids' favorite healthy snacks, mom's low-fat light meals, easy to cook and delicious.Micro switch control, check and refill at any time in the middle.

The pot basket can be withdrawn at any time in the middle of the process,

so that it is easy to check the status of the food or refill,

and the pot will be automatically powered off and put back into the fryer to continue working without having to reset,

so it is easy and hassle-free to use.Food-grade non-stick coating.

Food contact grade non-stick coating material, safe and easy to wash, no effort to clean after meals.4.5L gold capacity, more food in one pot.

The capacity is upgraded again, easily put down a whole chicken,

without multiple cooking, to meet the delicious needs of the whole family.More thoughtful designs.

1. Adding safety net to prevent accidental touching and increase the sense of safety in use.

2. Rear cooling air outlet, ready to dissipate heat to extend the service life.

We will send you plug adapters or conversion plugs depending on your choice.

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Mijia Air Fryer 4.5l

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